News, Comment And Updates

Software Preview : Building An IoT Micro-Platform (26-09-2016)
We've been doing extensive refactoring of the proof of concept design from our Innovate UK feasibility study. The result is something we've decided to call an 'Internet of Things Micro-Platform'.
Why We Need To Talk About Schemas (05-05-2016)
In the Internet of Things there are many different ways of representing the same piece of data. When encoding efficiency and usability requirements conflict, can schemas help us deal with the confusion?
Extending The Internet Of Sensors To Remote Locations (19-06-2015)
In 2014 we were fortunate enough to receive an Innovate UK 'Internet of Sensors' feasibility study grant. This is a brief summary of the project outcomes as presented at a recent KTN Intelligent Sensing Programme event.
Zynaptic Stash Beta 1 Released (23-03-2015)
We needed a simple way to store system state information and time series data in IoT devices and gateways - but we didn't think that every device needs to run its own relational database. That's why we built the Stash.
Zynaptic Reaction Beta 4 Released (03-04-2013)
The latest release of the Reaction asynchronous programming framework is now available for download. It adds a bit of spit and polish to the previous release, including a new example of JavaFX 2 integration.
Hardware Preview : Sleepy Device Development Board (11-03-2013)
How do you build reliable wireless networks when most of your devices spend most of their time in radio silence? That's what we designed our sleepy device development board to find out.
Hardware Preview : The Buzz Network Controller (04-02-2013)
It's amazing how much functionality you can now squeeze into a small USB stick. Here's what we'll be putting into ours, together with some photographs of our pre-production prototypes.
Why We're Ditching ZigBee - But Keeping The Good Bits (21-11-2012)
It's been a difficult decision, but we've decided to stop further development of our ZigBee compatible products. That said, we're still planning to do some pretty interesting things with 802.15.4 based wireless mesh networking.
Zynaptic Reaction Beta 3 Is Here (09-05-2012)
The latest beta release of the Reaction asynchronous programming framework is now available for download. It's had quite an overhaul, but we think the changes are worthwhile.
To Be Made In Britain (26-04-2012)
If you read The Economist you'll now know all about The Third Industrial Revolution - but for anyone working in the electronics industry it looks a lot like business as usual.
Time To Start Talking (10-04-2012)
Things are beginning to come together as far as our new products are concerned - so we're about to start letting people know what we've been up to. That's why you can now find us on Twitter.