The Reaction Framework

Reaction is a flexible asynchronous programming framework which may be used to implement complex event-driven applications. It is heavily influenced by the Twisted programming framework developed by TwistedMatrix Labs for the Python programming language.

The focus of the Reaction library is on the concurrency and callback model and as such it is application neutral. Use it to manage lots of concurrent I/O or to farm out compute intensive tasks to multicore processors - it's your call. As well as being usable as a basic Java library, Reaction can also run as an independent OSGi service and integrate into any GUI framework you choose. Start digging into the user guide to find out more.

HTML User Guide View the online version of the Reaction user guide. The user guide provides a basic introduction to the Reaction framework.
PDF User Guide Download the PDF version of the Reaction user guide. This is a printable version of the introductory user guide.
JavaDoc View the complete online API reference documentation for the Reaction framework using the standard JavaDoc format.
Repository Download the latest beta release of the Mercurial source code repository. Released under the GPLv2 with classpath exception.